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Flow Simulation - large numbers of BC

Question asked by Stephen Mounioloux on May 4, 2018

Hi guys,


I'm a 15+ years SW users and recently upgraded to flow simulation.


I have a case study around cooling of electronics in an enclosure. The goal is increase density of chips inside the enclosure (finding out the maximum number of chips I can fit in a given side chassis). I've started modeling out a simplified board with 4 chips (sub-assy) and I am then creating a pattern of this sub-assy with various spacings and then rerunning the simulation.


I am sure there must be a simple way of doing this but I just can't figure it out right now. So I am manually adding all of my heat sources.


Is there a way to pick one part (on which I am adding my volume heat source) and to automatically pick all of the other instances of that part in my assembly?


Hopefully that is clear enough. I put this in the flow sim category but I am sure this would apply to a number of things in SW generally speaking.