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Multi body part hidden when choosing body for view

Question asked by Mike Hodson on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Deepak Gupta

SW 2018 SP 2.0


I've run into something that I've not seen before.   I'm detailing a multibody sheet metal part, and when I want to insert views for specific bodies, some bodies disappear from view.


The first view works as expected.  When I click 'choose bodies' in the view creation, it takes me to the model and I make my choice.


But when I do that again, the model only displays one part.  I can still select the other parts, if I click on their location....but they are invisible.  It has happened on two different drawings for two different multibody parts.


Hidden Bodies.JPG

I can even see the shadow of the other's so weird.



It seems that the work around for this problem was to come here and ask for help.   Even though the problem persisted after closing and reopening the files and SW....I came back to the drawing later and the problem mysteriously disappeared.  I don't think I changed anything. 


The wildcard is that I have an unsupported GForce GPU maybe that gives SW reason to act weird.   ???


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