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Destroying Files

Question asked by Mark Schulz on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by Aleksander Ksiezopolski

While running a report in Report Generator I came across some files in my personal folder that I was sure I had deleted.  After confirming they were deleted I realized the obvious that since I dont even give myself the Destroy rite there were a bunch of deleted files taking up space in our vault.  With much help from Ulf Stockburger I came up with a query to find all files marked Deleted.  Turns out there are 18,000 of them, mostly files that engineers such as me create during the development process.  The vast majority are in the working folders of our engineering team.  We have decided as a group that these files have no value if they were deleted in the first place, so I plan to take the time, when I have some, to Destroy them.  My question is when I destroy the files am I stranding data in the SQL database or doing myself some other disservice that I haven't realized yet?