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Solver fails in first part of analysis, claims not enough memory

Question asked by Jacob Nesbit on May 4, 2018

I'm attempting to solve a static analysis in Simulation, but it claims there isn't enough memory to solve. Looking at the performance tab in Task Manager SolidWorks Simulation is only using around 8 of my 192 gigs of RAM, between 0-2% of my RAID-0 array SSD, and an average less than 40% of my processor.


The simulation has just over 10 million DOF's, and using SolidWorks benchmark for direct sparse analysis it should be 1 gig of RAM per 200,000 DOF's. Is there something preventing SolidWorks from using adequate resources to solve?



2 x 6 Core Intel Xeon Gold 6128 @ 3.40 GHz

192 Gb DDR4 RAM

NVIDIA Quadro P2000 5 Gb

2 x 500 Gb SSD in a RAID 0 configuration