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Path to file on network drive (sharepoint) that will work from any machine that has access to the drive

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Tyler Nichol

Hello forum,


I've written a macro to insert a parts list table (using this as a foundation: link). The macro loads a general table template. The table template lives on our company Sharepoint site so everyone can access it. The path I used to open the table template is something like this: "C:\Users\MyUserName\CompanySharePointSite\CompanySharePointSite - Documents\Folder\Folder2\Table Template.sldtbt"


This works if I run the macro from my own computer, but I want other peeps to be able to run it, so I need a path that will get to the CompanySharePointSite regardless of what MyUserName is. Something like " Documents/Folder/Folder2/Table Template.sldtbt", but that doesn't work.


Does anybody know how to do this?