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    Path to file on network drive (sharepoint) that will work from any machine that has access to the drive

    Tyler Nichol

      Hello forum,


      I've written a macro to insert a parts list table (using this as a foundation: link). The macro loads a general table template. The table template lives on our company Sharepoint site so everyone can access it. The path I used to open the table template is something like this: "C:\Users\MyUserName\CompanySharePointSite\CompanySharePointSite - Documents\Folder\Folder2\Table Template.sldtbt"


      This works if I run the macro from my own computer, but I want other peeps to be able to run it, so I need a path that will get to the CompanySharePointSite regardless of what MyUserName is. Something like "https://Company.sharepoint.com/Shared Documents/Folder/Folder2/Table Template.sldtbt", but that doesn't work.


      Does anybody know how to do this?