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Suggestions on Design of LCD Stand: Looks, Sheet metal fabrication, Center of gravity, Color Scheme etc.

Question asked by Yash Kothari on May 4, 2018
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I made this stand for LCD using sheet metal. Please suggest for any modifications, changes related to manufacturability, stability, mechanism, Look and feel etc.

I want to know how different people think,  what level of creativity can be achieved, while having minimum resources( e.g a cutting machine, punching machine, fastening, welding, any color, a bending machine with simple tools).

I have attached the model(2015 SW format), with all the part and assembly files.

The top LCD mounting attachment is sliding type which can be locked by tightening it with a knob. Holes are given for studs and fasteners.


Rendered image1.png

This is production ready model.

Thanks in advance.


Edited and added ZIP file