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PDM Standard - Customise Flyout Menu?

Question asked by John Wayman on May 4, 2018

In Solidworks PDM Standard, when we click on the little blue berry on the right-hand side of Solidworks, the flyout menu looks like the image below:



The icon for 'Change State' is an enormous, double-size icon, but clicking on the main part of it has no effect.

In order to make it do anything, we have to click right on the microscopic down-arrow contained in the huge icon.


Even when we do click on the arrow, we then have to select from a drop-down list before we can do anything useful:



Is it possible to customise the menu at the top of the Solidworks add-in tab, so that we can have 'Managed CAD File' as an icon, instead of having the recurrent target practice and the redundant key press before we can start to do anything?

After all, this is the Solidworks add-in, so the most likely choice is Managed CAD File, really. I'm happy for the others to be a rare special case.


Is there any other way to make this step a little less user-hostile? It is the single most common complaint I am getting from my users, now that we have moved over to PDM Standard.


SW 2017, SP5

SWPDM Standard 2018 SP2

Windows 10 Pro