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DELL does not support the new Sketch Ink functionality in SOLIDWORKS with professional hardware!

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on May 3, 2018

I got a new Dell Precision 7520 laptop with touch screen. Right away I jumped to test the Sketch Ink functionality in SW 2018. Even more, I was very excited thinking about the new red-lining ability that SW 2019 is supposed to have. Imagine parametric redlining directly on the screen! How useful is that?


To my dismay, Dell does not have any active pen for the Precision line of products. They provide touch screens, but all the DELL active pens on the market work only with consumer grade laptops like Latitude and Inspiron.


Scott Hamilton, I cannot believe that DELL is so far back in the hardware game for professional CAD workstations. Look at Lenovo and their great pens. Look at Microsoft. Look at Apple.


This is more of a wake-up call. Looks like for the time being I will use a finger or a capacitive stylus. But this is not optimal!