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Automating import > combine > export

Discussion created by Matthias Buehler on May 4, 2018
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I'm evaluating SolidWorks just for the combine feature (booleans).


I need to implement the following pseudo code:


1] find all .obj files in a specific folder

2] loop over each .obj file:

          - create a new part

          - import the obj

          - save the part in a folder

3] create a new part

4] load all parts that were just saved

5] save this as a new part

6] select all solids (that were imported before)

7] use 'combine' to create a new solid

8] select and export the resulting solid as .stl or similar.

9] coffee break



I'm not sure if this is best done with a macro or an add-in.

If with an add-in and a button and some fields to edit, I'd like to write this in C# in Visual Studio (.Net). [ I'm a C# newbie though. ]


Any pointer on the best direction would be much appreciated.