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Question asked by Aleksandra Staskiewicz on May 3, 2018


I got a problem with my Linear pattern, what I want to do I wan to prepare my future file for configurator system. The highlighted element was repeated 4 time in given direction, all parts are assembled the way that they are fixed and can not move in any direction (each part is assembled by 4 constraints - parallel surface in 1 direction, parallel surface in 2 direction, distance between surface 1=1mm. distance between surface 2=1mm). My problem is that when I am coming back to the Pattern (Bottom Wall)-> Edit Feature and I am increasing number of instances from 4 to for example 6 the last panel is still attached as for instance number 4. My question is: can we change somehow number of instances the way that the last panel will be fixed to the last panel of a pattern, and will be moving together as number of instances increasing? Please find the file under assembly bottom