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    Bilingual vault

    Martin Solem

      Hi forum,


      I was asked this by a client. They have an english vault today and want to include a department in South America with spanish as their preferred language.

      PDM Clients are easy to set a default language for, and almost everything in the vault configuration can be tweaked. As i can think of, there are only workflow statuses and transitions i cannot translate.

      Does anyone have any experience with setting up something like this? Any two cents, do's and dont's, would be much appreciated.



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          Sam Sam


          the interesting question, interests too. And how it it is planned to make? Web client, Web2, replication or something else (TeamViewer...)? Windows too in different languages?

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            Dave Bear

            This looks like an interesting albeit complex dilemma.

            At a basic level, if it can be done, how much goes wrong with what gets lost or confused in translation.

            I follow this with interest...........



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              Paul Wyndham

              I have a vault that has English, French and Chinese users. Installing the client in the native language only works for the parts of the tool that are built in. Anything that you type in has no translation. I don't know of a way to access the information that creates the builds the workflow. If would be cool if there were a way to create multiple language files for the workflow and then have it selected by the Windows language, like the build in statements have.


              It wouldn't really be possible to do anything like have a different workflow for each language unless they never look at each others work.

              You might be able to do something like name the state with both words, like: Hello - Hola. For transitions that could make the menu label pretty long.


              Sorry not really any type of answer, but a very interesting topic. Same thing would apply to file names. For example when someone types in a Chinese file name it is hard for an English person to read. It might be cool if you could create a filename translation file that could be updated with new files, but that would be a huge amount of work. probably a bad idea.

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                  Martin Solem

                  This confirms alot of what i have been thinking about this topic so far. I will push for a numeric file name scheme, but there is still a challenge with user inputs. Also witih numeric file names, the Description becomes more important, and Description column with both spanish and english texts will be unreadable to half the users... We will have to choose just one language for some input. The desired Drawing and BOM outputs will decide for us i think.

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                    Al Griego

                    Paul Wyndham wrote:

                    It might be cool if you could create a filename translation file that could be updated with new files, but that would be a huge amount of work. probably a bad idea.


                    Unfortunately, things don't always translate well. What you think is a good file or folder name in your language may translate in ways you don't expect. It's bad enough in advertising. Don't forget when Chevy tried to sell the Nova in Latin America. Nobody bought them because the name literally meant "Doesn't run". Coca-Cola also had problems when they first entered the Chinese Market. Unfortunately, the name translated to "Bite the wax tadpole". They had to go with a similar sounding name that translated to "Happiness in the mouth".

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                    Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

                    Did you ask VAR? Maybe they are not so difficult because the tables can be in English and the loading windows in another language. The important thing is the data itself, it should be in one language "Only".

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                      David Mandl

                      One thing that would help would be a drop-down in your data cards for language selection, and having the labels/captions in your card be responsive to that drop-down.