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Automated multiple section from a single 3D drawing

Question asked by Gianni Santarelli on May 3, 2018

Goodmorning everyone,

I would ask your help for a problem for which I can not find a solution that is acceptable from the point of view of the time of realization.

I made the 3D drawing of an electromagnet core. I would need to derive from it the laminations (or iron sheets) that make it up and then send these designs to a manufacturer for a real production.

To obtain the drawings of the sheets I could manually transfer the individual sections of the core on the drawing sheet, but since the core is several centimeters thick and the laminations have a thickness of 0.2 - 0.3 mm, it is a huge and long job.

I would to ask you if there is a solidworks feature that allows to derive multiple sections of a part or an assembly of a defined thickness.

In the attached image there is an example of a core formed by laminations. I would need sections on the XY plane, obviously the thickness of the real laminations is much smaller than the one in the figure.

Or have you have any other idea that is not drawing the laminations individually?

Thank you all,