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    surfaces wont knit..

    Luke Brient

      hi, so I've been stuck for awhile trying to knit these surfaces together so that i can then thicken them, but its not working! I've attached the file, hopefully someone can help me with this?


      thanks alot in advance!



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          Ken Maren

          Ummm..  I only see two surfaces and one is some midplane thing you made.  What are you trying to knit?  You can't knit a surface to itself.   If you are trying to close it off so you can shell it, that's something else.   Use filled surface and pick the two edges of the opening.  It will merge everything and create a solid if you choose those options.  


          Shelling it is going to be an issue and someone that lives for that challenge will help with that if it's what you need. 

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            Jeff Mowry

            This is in v2017 format, by the way (for anyone else taking a crack at it).


            I can get an inward shell  at 1mm all the way until I get to Boundary-Surface 7.  Then no go.  I'd recommend reworking that surface to see if some tweaking will get this to shell.

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              Paul Salvador

              Luke,.. it seems to knit a solidify fine.. the thickening is limited by the minimum radius of curvature.. and the a analysis shows it at  <.005?.. so, you'd need to increase those areas and repair areas which are singular/degrade (your later corner lofts).

              Otherwise,.. since this is a symmetrical part,.. suggest you focus on only 1/2 and mirror at the end.. (example attached)

              mk 1.png