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Can anyone help with rolling cable movement?

Question asked by Lorenzo Worang on May 2, 2018
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So basically I have a design of 2 driven rollers that move the cable horizontally in 2 directions, the one 'pulls' the cable the other one 'pushes'. So I have already made the assembly as seen in the picture below but I am trying to get the movement down to simulate and make an animation later on but not quite sure if it's even possible. The trick is that the rollers are in a specific phase with each other and as seen in the picture the length of contact with the cable is different for each roller. Also they're positioned(phase) in a way that only one of the driven rollers makes contact with the cable at a time. This is designed like this because you want the cable to be pulled back 5 mm in this case and pushed forward 8 mm, therefore the wire will go forward in a pulsating motion. So I tried some stuff with the Rack & Pinion mate, it's possible to give it a certain length per rotation which is useful but is there any possibility to let the rollers push and pull per one rotation? Oh and the 2 rollers are also connected to each other so they'll always stay in that phase. So yeah I've been stuck for a long time lol. Thanks for the help in advance!