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Design Library Check Out Restriction

Question asked by Aaron Lovegren on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Christian Chu

Is there a flag/check box/restriction that can be set to prevent design library files from being checked out during the file checkout process?


Scenario: (we design booms/grapples/attachments for excavators - 70% of our work is simply fitting something to a new machine which requires a new design foot to tool)

Copy Tree (check in on copy)

Open [New] Assembly (prompt to check out files)

Ctrl+A (our assemblies range up to 100 new parts) - [select box] for checkout on one file - highlights all files in a [state] to be checked out

??? -> restrict all design library files so they can not be checked out without prompt [?check box - check out design library parts y/n?]

[Check out all new parts]


We keep running into issues where [Released] assemblies still have design library parts in a state of [checked out] because of new designs.  This removes them from PDM search for non engineering groups (I.E. Manufacturing).


Our current work around is an ePDM search of 'design library parts checked out by [user]' - [check in].  Each engineer, as they start a new project, runs the script and checks files back in.  This is faster than sorting through the list of all new parts on checkout and finding the design library files and unchecking them.  We have a new project start every ~1.5 days.