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Adding gear teeth to a part, both normal and ring gear

Question asked by Asko Kauppi on May 2, 2018
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Note: This is mostly a workflow question, I guess.


I need to have gear teeth on two configurations of the below part (in A, teeth on the upper semi-circle, i.e. a ring gear; in B, on the lower semi-circle, i.e. a normal gear). Those two discs are sharing a central drive (the small ring) in the middle. Turning it will turn one disc clock-wise and the other counter-clock-wise.


To get there, I've seen this awesome YouTube video, and learned all kinds of things about Basic Gear Terminology and Calculation that I didn't know I needed. But I still don't have the single teeth in there - all I need is a one tooth, and I'll do a pattern from that.


halo no teeth.JPG

halo colored teeth.JPG


The material is here:


I'm honored if you would like to share your favorite approach to solving such a teething issue.



( Feature suggestion )


This left me thinking... Wouldn't it be great to have a way, within SolidWorks sketch tool, to bring in just a single tooth, but parameterized. Inputs could be reference line or curve, side, module, and number of teeth wanted. This would eliminate what for me has been hours of digging into gear design parameters when I don't really want or need to be a specialist in that. This is exactly what computers are good at, but now I seem to end up "programming" the tooth logic (using global variables), which is a very well standardized program. It should come from the tool.

Is such a feature already there, and I just never found the right YouTube video?