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Macro button icon in assembly tree?

Question asked by Gerry Maynard on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by Jim Sculley

Today I opened an assembly model I did about a year ago and there's a feature at the very bottom of the tree I don't recognize. I believe I remember adding a 3D sketch as a note to my fabricator to show the locations of some welds. No errors on initial load, but if I edit the 3D sketch or anything else about the model, I get the error shown below. It won't even let me delete the feature. I don't understand why the macro button icon would appear for the feature, and I really don't believe I would have named it "SpotWelding1" so my thought was that it was some kind of annotation feature I'm forgetting about. My VAR though it was bad Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributables so I reinstalled them and also did a repair install of SolidWorks; no change. I then sent the assembly model file to my VAR and he sees the same thing in the assembly tree. The error flag makes me think there was some kind of macro involved that can no longer be found. I can't think what kind of assembly feature would have only a 3D sketch as a child. I'm stumped. Does anyone recognize this? Am I missing something obvious? BTW: This is SolidWorks 2015.