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PDM standard. What do you think of it so far?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by M. D.

Now that with 2018 WPDM will no longer work, how are you finding PDM standard compared to WPDM?


I'm using PDM standard.

Its OK.


Problems I have had

  • Inexplicable issues where users cannot rename of delete files from PDM due to insufficient privileges. No explanations for this, the issue randomly appears and goes away. When it occurs it doesn't matter who you are, the administrator is just as stuck as anyone else.
    We just leave that delete/rename job and try again tomorrow - that usually works.
  • My toolbox is in the vault. But it seems only one machine (irrespective of logged in user) can configure hardware. Our VAR gave up and just suggested we use that machine if we want another size of screw...we hope a version upgrade might cure that...
  • I'm still on 2016 SP5, one reason being that the version update is more complex than it was with WPDM. I plan to update soon and will go to 2018 with the vault first as it can go two years ahead of the application.
  • Although I have tried to keep the workflow simple, functionality restrictions still mean all 10 states are used for something. I'm having to go through temporary states just to get the revision updates to work because I have a major and minor revision (as was a standard feature of WPDM).
  • I get there is only one workflow, but there is also no way to save that workflow to a file. No way to restore a workflow if you didn't like your edits. All you can do is save a screenshot...
  • The settings and functions of a transition or work state cannot be copied edited or saved to use on another very similar transition or work state. This makes setting things up extremely time consuming, and of course the final thing is just "there", it cannot be recorded easily outside the system as far as I can tell.
  • Using PDM standard has introduced extra unnecessary complexity for my users (compared to WPDM) that quite often wastes a lot of time for them and me.
  • Sometimes the floating license hasn't released correctly meaning we run out of PDM licences even though we have not really. The fix is just to "try again".
  • VAR support is very hit and miss. There is little knowledge available and you usually need "the person who knows about PDM". A cut off time then seems to operate because they simply cannot spend too long helping anyone with PDM issues (see unsolved issues with licence release, toolbox configuration, file rename and delete etc above!).
  • I see loss of API functionality as a major disadvantage. Some customers must be absolutely spitting feathers over that!
  • I spent a lot of personal time saving my employer the cost of transferring our legacy data by doing it myself rather than paying the SW "ransom fee" to maintain access to our own data. Initially my VAR was refusing to provide ANY support for my PDM installation unless I spent time and $$$ on a training course with them. I would say I now have limited support only (though when we reached agreement about that they didn't say it would be limited, but its probably limited for everyone as mentioned above). TBH I don't really hold this against the VAR as SW have stitched them up good and proper!


On the plus side, it is possible to look at previous versions and revisions of the files before actually overwriting the latest. That is a functionality improvement on WPDM.


In summary:

I do not think I see any actual user benefit overall from this new system compared to WPDM

(other than the fact it will actually operate for the foreseeable future).