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How to measure an angle between lines?

Question asked by Asko Kauppi on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2019 by Josh Brady

This should be trivial, but when I open the Evaluate > Measure tool and select two (non-perpendicular, and in the same plane) lines, I don't see the angle between them, anywhere.




Have found two ways to get the angle, but they both feel awkward. Mentioning here so others may benefit from the workarounds, but what I'm really looking is as easy angle visual feedback as we get for point to point distance, and distances alongside axes.


Option 1. Click "Measurement history"

This was the last place I looked, but it does carry the angle (note that the material here is other than above).


Measurement history.JPG


Option 2. Click "Create Sensor" (rightmost icon on the "Measure" tool)



(note: I don't know why here the angle here is not 74,17; I did have the same edges selected as above. But that's not important.)


I have looked at other entries in the Forums, but nothing provides a clear solution, so far.


For example, in this thread, there's an advise from Craig Schultz "Turn on temporary axis and measure.", but turning them on (in the "eye" menu), doesn't change anything (some axes are highlighted, but measurements are still distances).


To summarize...



- Having two lines in my model, it should be easy with the measurement tool to see the angle between them.



- Ways to get to the angle are not easily discovered.