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    is it possible to change reference of 2D drawing file

    Gnanesh Pai

      i already have created a 2d drawing for an assembly. later i had remodel the same assembly but in a different file name and location with some new parts added and also some existing parts edited. for creating a drawing for the new assembly should i recreate all the drawings again or is it possible to create a copy of the other drawing and edit its reference so the changes gets updated itself?

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          Bill Toft

          It's too late for this project, but if you had used Pack-and-Go to copy the original assembly to a new folder, you could have specified new files names and if you click  "include drawings" then the drawing references would have been automatically updated.


          To answer your question, right click on a drawing view and select "Replace Model". 1. Replace Model.png


          You will get a dialog box where you can browse to the new file. You can also specify all the views where this model appears so they replaced in one step.

          2. Replace Model.png

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            Adam Hartles

            Gnanesh, you can I believe use these steps.

            1- Create a copy of your drawing (CTRL C/CTRL V in Windows Explorer)

            2- In SolidWorks, use File > Open and select this copy (do NOT open)

            3- Click the "References" button

            4- Double click the current reference assembly which opens a browser for you to choose the new reference

            5- Click OK and the text goes green (to show a change)

            6- OK again and open the drawing- you may get a bunch of "dangling" references (dimensions, notes, balloons etc) but the views should update to the new reference and save a fair amount of re-working. If the new assembly is largely based on the old assembly though then hopefully there is not too much to tidy up.