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    Reference Material

      We're going to be getting "Building Better Products with Finite Element Analysis" to get us started with COSMOS, and I found an extensive list of FEA books at http://ohio.ikp.liu.se/fe/tit.html .

      I was wondering if anyone could recommend other books. I understand the COSMOS interface, and I can setup a study without a problem. I'm looking to learn about 3 things:
      1) FEA COSMOS style - what are the particulars to COSMOS that I need to know?

      2) Accurate restraints, loads, etc. I know most of this will come from an engineering mind, but if there is a reference out there that will make it easier, especially for someone who is just beginning, that would be great.

      3) Assemblies in COSMOS. Modeling individual parts is okay, but when you throw tolerances in to all the parts, some loose fits, off-center loads, twisting, etc, the resulting forces on individual components are difficult to estimate. I want to know the best way to model in SolidWorks (mates, esp) to provide a reasonable analysis.

      I'm waiting to hear back from the vendor about training and what they have, but I thought I would check and see what else is out there.