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    Gerald Davis
      I've heard rumors that this idea has made its way into planning, but I'm concerned that it not be crowded out by other froofraw in a race to keep up with OtherCAD.

      The idea is that any dialog box that allows the user to select an option (e.g. a Property Manager) should remember what the user selected. The next time that that dialog is launched, it will default to the last used setting.

      The benefits are manifold. One is that the UI quickly becomes "personalized" to the workflow of the individual. Another is that it may serve as a reminder/warning of an incorrectly set option.

      I believe that this functionality should persist between sessions - NOT be limited to the current session only. Perhaps a system option would allow a toggle in this mode of persistance.

      I believe that this functionality should supercede the existing amnesiatic behavior that SW has traditionally coded into the UI. This might be another system option toggle for those who love to repeat themselves.

      I further believe that this functionality should pervade all checkboxes, radio buttons, text, and numeric entry fields.

      Thank you for your support!
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          Eddie Cyganik

          Well Gerald,

          If you're looking for support, you got mine.

          I second "Sticky Options!"
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            Dale Dunn
            The rest of us lurkers are just sitting here wondering why it hasn't already been done. It surely seems like the right way to do things.
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                John Summers
                Hi Gerald and group,

                This gets my (and our department) vote also. I was just discussing this to a coworker the other day how frustrating this can be to reset the same values over and over.

                To me, this ranks right up there with switching between mirror bodies/features, thin/regular extrusions, etc.- basic functionallity.
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                Larry Burton
                If this was presented at SW World. I'm sure it would make the top ten requested enhancment list. Great idea!
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                  Kevin Kenny
                  I agree. The somewhat arbitrary defaults make no sense. It would be helpful to be able to set our own.
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                      Wes Mosier
                      I like the idea of having that be an option to set in the system options. Check the box to carry your values over between SolidWorks sessions, uncheck it to have it only for this session. (like the Add-Ins)

                      -My two cents (or in the economy $0.0003)

                      -Wes Mosier
                      CSWP, CSWA
                      SolidWorks 2009 x64
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                      Chris Serran
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                        Kevin Bouwman
                        This would be great!

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                            Jeff Hamilton
                            Sounds good. That ought to be simple enough to put in a service pack.
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                                Jay Andrews
                                It seems to me that won't happen for the following reason...it is such an obviously desirable feature that it must have been suggested a million times in the last ten years, and the fact that it doesn't work that way still tells me that it would bee too resource intensive to be feasible.

                                Think of it this way, and forgive me as I'm not a software programmer, but if you're programming a command, every command with a dialog box, then the code for the command has to reference some sort of database of current/last settings. Seems like a whole nother layer of programming.

                                All that said, I 10000% agree that this would be extremely desirable, just seems that if SW made it this long without such an obvious idea tells me that it's probably for good reason that they don't do it.
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                                    Don Vanzile
                                    The fillet feature in 2009 is an example of the UI remembering the last used type.... and I absolutely HATE this behavior here. To me, it would boill down to user preference and they probably don't do it because I would want an option for each feature to remember or not depending on what I'm working on at the time.

                                    I think the problem with software companies like Solidworks and Microsoft alike, is they cater and develope their software for new (or dumb) users. And I suppose to simplify is better and sometimes less is more but not in this case. They tend to ignore or backburner advanced users for reason. I think their should definately be more advanced options that long-time users can toggle on/off. They do have an advanced tab in the options now but it is not very thought out and is deserving of a lot of extra attention.... unfortunately like I said, they tend to develope to gain NEW users.

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                                        Wow, Don.

                                        I love the new sticky options in fillet, surface offset and delete face, particularly delete face. I use it 90% of the time to simply delete a face, but in previous versions it was always giving me the "face cannot be patched..." error because I forgot to select that I wanted the delete face command to do only what it's name describes, and nothing more.

                                        Propogate the sticky!
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                                            Don Vanzile
                                            Hey Will, I love this feature, I simply don't like it as an all or nothing. The delete face is a great example of where I do like it. Like, I said, it would be nice if there was an option in each command dialog to remember the last used or not or go back to default.

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                                    Bob Seher
                                    Right On!!

                                    Been preaching this to my VAR, SW Enhancements Portal, and fellow workers for years!

                                    Response has been "Deaf Ears", "Black Hole", and "Yea like that will happen!"

                                    Response about similar issues from "Gold Partner" Add-ins has been even more disappointing. CAMWorks has some of the most inane dialog boxes imaginable and the option to cancel out of a disastrously abortive action isn't even available in some.

                                    Does anyone from SW EVER weigh in on these topics to explain their reasoning to users?

                                    I would love to grow some respect for the programmers who rule our every working hour!

                                    Love the software-Hate the software-Can't live without the software.

                                    Carry on!

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                                        Wayne Tiffany

                                        Bob Seher wrote:


                                        Does anyone from SW EVER weigh in on these topics to explain their reasoning to users?

                                        I would love to grow some respect for the programmers who rule our every working hour!

                                        I don't work for SW, but I do know for sure that the employees do care. I know too many of them and their passion for putting out good software to believe otherwise. And yes, sometimes they will chime in here to explain some reasoning.

                                        Will it ever be perfect for all? No, can't be, because we all ask them to get rid of the junk in there that is slowing us down, but the problem is that junk to me is your mainstay. Kind of like politicians - "Throw the bums out, just not my bum!"

                                        As far as this topic, I haven't decided if I would vote for it or not. Part of me agrees that it could speed things up because if you did things consistently, then some options would change to your pattern. But on the other hand, I see it as adding a level of complexity and resource allocation that I think might be better used elsewhere. If every box or button I checked had to be written to the disk every time, I'm not sure the cost is worth it. But as I said, I haven't really decided which way I would desire.

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                                            Bob Seher
                                            Thanks WT,

                                            I agree with you that "the problem is that junk to me is your mainstay", and I admit to being a focused user who doesn't venture very far afield into the phenomenal range of features and capabilities that SW has.

                                            I have noticed, however, that SW chooses to retain "last used" values in some of their dialog boxes including sheet metal, and weldment features, and yet does not retain values in a CORE dialog box used by, I would guess, 98% of all SW users, the Mate Dialog Box.

                                            I was absolutely thrilled to have multiple mates as a new capability after using a "home grown" macro for a couple of years, and then was dumbfounded that the next big enhancement to Mates was changing the distance default to 1.000 instead of the metric conversion .39xxx. What a useless change, probably garnering support for it from perhaps .ooo1% of the users whose commonly used value is 1.000.

                                            My mainstay (your junk) is .010 for a distance offset and I probably type that in 30-40 times a day.

                                            Perhaps making EVERY dialog box remember last used values would be a memory hog and slow things even further than they are, but why not for a CORE area like mates that I'm guessing everyone uses.

                                            BTW ((my junk) anyone's mainstay?) knurled knob to adjust dimensions??
                                            Even my VAR was clueless and snickering about that enhancement a couple of years ago!

                                            My point about "respect" has to do with communication. I have no doubt that the people writing code are very capable and working very hard to produce a great product. Unfortunately, I have come to refer to any communication with SW whether through their portal, VAR, regional rep, direct phone connection to Arizona(once in 6 yrs), and once in a user phone survey, as the "black hole of client requests".

                                            I have NEVER received any direct response to my inquires from SW.

                                            That's why I'm jumping on the bandwagon of "Please pay attention to users AS WELL as your sales department" when making programming decisions, and an occasional explanation in response to users Rants might at least make us a feel more "warm and fuzzy" towards the home office.