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Question asked by Gerald Davis on Feb 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2009 by Bob Seher
I've heard rumors that this idea has made its way into planning, but I'm concerned that it not be crowded out by other froofraw in a race to keep up with OtherCAD.

The idea is that any dialog box that allows the user to select an option (e.g. a Property Manager) should remember what the user selected. The next time that that dialog is launched, it will default to the last used setting.

The benefits are manifold. One is that the UI quickly becomes "personalized" to the workflow of the individual. Another is that it may serve as a reminder/warning of an incorrectly set option.

I believe that this functionality should persist between sessions - NOT be limited to the current session only. Perhaps a system option would allow a toggle in this mode of persistance.

I believe that this functionality should supercede the existing amnesiatic behavior that SW has traditionally coded into the UI. This might be another system option toggle for those who love to repeat themselves.

I further believe that this functionality should pervade all checkboxes, radio buttons, text, and numeric entry fields.

Thank you for your support!