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    Wire labels unavailable

    Kevin Forbes

      We recently purchased electrical schematic standard 2018 (sp2) after a trial using professional 2016 (unknown sp). After unarchiving the environment from the trial, I found the add/remove wire label option to be grayed out. Wire labels added in the trial are still there, and I can add/remove wire and cable marks, but wire and equipotential labels are not working for either the unarchived project or new projects. Is this not a feature in standard?

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          Lord Fly

          Generally the wire label option is greyed out any time a wire is not connected correctly on both ends.  No idea why both ends of a wire need to be connected to something in order to display color and gauge, but that's how SWE works.  Not sure why it would be different between 2016 and 2018 though.  Best suggestion is to delete the wire and draw it again.  Possibly delete the things the wire is connected connected to and add them back in again if nothing else.

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            Daniel Myers

            There are equipotentials and then there are wires. When you click the draw wire button, you are drawing equipotentials actually. Only when an equipotential touches exactly two connection points have you created a wire. You can add equipotentials labels at any time, but you can only do wire labels once a proper wire had been created.

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              Eric Rines

              Make sure the wire has a starting and ending connection. If these conditions aren't met it won't let you label the wire (you can still equipotential label the wire.)