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Question with Combine feature

Question asked by Gilad Nave on May 1, 2018
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I am trying to use the combine (subtract) feature in order to subtract smaller spheres from the bigger spheres in order to create semi-hollow spheres.

I am using Matlab code to generate the (x,y,z) coordinates and then send it to SolidWorks through macros code (and eventually to Ansys).

In the attached picture, I used the combined feature 3 times. In each of them I chose the bigger sphere as the -Main Body- and the smaller sphere as the -Bodies to subtract- .

The problem starts when I am trying to avoid using this feature for each individual sphere. (eventually there will be a lotttt of spheres that represents different particles and their corresponding transition phases) .


Question ---> is there any way to choose multiple -Main Body- ?   (my guess that it's impossible since the software won't know what to subtract from what...)






I will appreciate any help!