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surface from mesh

Question asked by Bart Brejcha on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Marlon Banta

I have scanned  STL data and Im using 2018 new mesh tools to try to create a solid.  Specifically Insert 'Surface from Mesh'  At first glance these tools like a bit like Geomagic except I don't see options for compound surface creation.  Maybe I'm missing something?    FYI Mesh BREP bodies (i've never heard of BREP before) start on page 139 on the enhancements for SOLIDWORKS2018.PDF


I'm betting that I'll need some plugin from geomagic (researching now).  My eval of the 'Surface from Mesh' tool is that it only creates/recognizes flat, sphere, cylinder and cones for now.




Second Question:  Why would an engineer or designer want to convert a solid body to a mesh?  At a glance it appears that we can scale those geometries for plastic mold design.  .... if someone could comment on their experiences...    I just administered a one week plastic part design class using Solidworks and stumbled upon these tools and I'm intrigued.


Bart Brejcha