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WORKFLOW: How to handle revisions on a low level component when it's used in several high level subassemblies and full assemblies?

Question asked by Greg Bosma on Apr 30, 2018

I work for a company that designs and builds heavy machinery.


We often have top-level drawings/schematics that show every component in a hydraulic or electrical system.

Below that, we have subassemblies for different options (i.e. cherry pickers, scissors, brake systems, etc.)

Below that, there may be a few smaller subassemblies.

Below that, we have individual hydraulic and electrical components- valves, hoses, fittings, wire, connectors, etc.


Let's say I need to make a low-level change, i.e. valve A needs to be replaced by valve B across the board. Valve A was used on many subassemblies. I now need to find every subassembly with valve A, and replace it with valve B. I also need to update and roll the revs on every top-level drawing those assemblies are used on, so those are updated with valve B.


Each rolled revision comes with an ECN form sent around the company. That's a lot of paperwork just to change one component. Is there a better way to structure assemblies/subassemblies so they're easier on low-level changes?