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    Upgrade PDM standard to 2018

    Marc Plensou



      I would like to upgrade our PDM to 2018.

      I have been looking at SOLIDWORKS PDM - Upgrading SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard - GoEngineer but I have no idea how to backup the SQL server, file vault databases, archive server settings and file vault archives.

      The guide refers to the Installation guide, Solidworks PDM 2018/Solidworks Manage 2018 section 10 Backing up and restoring file vaults, but I don't fully understand that section. I can't locate the SQL Server Management Studio and the Archive Server Configuration as mentioned in that section. Where can I find them?

      I did not install PDM to our server, our VAR did and I have no experience with servers or the like.

      The upgrade itself seem to be straight forward, run the setup.exe as listed in goengineers guide. But how to backup is not explained.


      Does anyone know of a guide for newbies, that explaines step by step how to backup before upgrading?





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          Michael Dekoning


          You will need access to the archive server as this is where the Archive Server Configuration application is installed. You can download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) from Microsoft. However, you will need to know the account and password that your VAR used when they installed SQL Server Express. If you aren't familiar with the process, you probably need to get you VAR involved anyway.

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            Iain McEwen

            Hi Marc,


            The PDM Installation and Administration guides go through this step by step quite well.


            The installation guide is available from the net here: Administration Guides | SOLIDWORKS

            Chapter 10 goes through all the backing up.


            If you open your Administration tool > Help > Administration guide. This is very useful when configuring your vault.

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              Marc Plensou

              I have learned, that our VAR installed it on our server via a remote desktop, to an area I don't have acces to.

              In short, I am not able to upgrade our PDM. We have asked our VAR to, install the upgrade on an external server / cloud, when the time

              comes. We are about to move everything on our own server in to cloud servers. So I will just have to wait a little longer.


              Thank your for your replies.