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    Import Iges into SolidWorks

    Nur Kholish Majid
      Hello everyone.....

      I have an iges file with some levels or layes on it
      When import into sw I have check the "show iges level"
      The surfaces grouped correctly base on the level
      But the curves not grouped....

      Is there any way so then the curves also grouped ?
      My customer said that the surfaces & curves level grouped coorectly in catia.
      How to do that in SW ?

      Please note that the iges file contains surfaces & curves

      Thanks !!!
        • Import Iges into SolidWorks
          Michael Hess
          Hello Ahmad:

          I am not sure what you mean by grouping curves. I could think of two options

          1) once all the curves are in, you could add them to a folder (in the Feature Manager, select the curves, then right click "Add to New Folder"), which will group them into one location in the feature manager.

          2) or, if you go into File > Open > IGES then click Options, you get an option (somewhere down the middle) to import curves as a sketch. That will import all the curves, but group them all into a single 3d sketch.

          Don't know if either helps you to group your curves.