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    eDrawings measure function

    Bruno Marchevsky

      I am trying to measure objects in a step model, but somehow I cannot get eDrawings to measure.

      The "Measure" item on the Tools menu is gray.

      The "Product Matrix" shows a check mark on "Enable Measure" for eDrawings Viewer, so it should not be a "license required" type of issue.

      Link to Product Matrix: eDrawings


      Is there something special I need to do to make it work?
      Maybe the measure function is broken or only works from some other type of file?
      Can eDrawings actually measure items from a step model?


      Thank you!

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          Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

          You should need a eDrawings Professional license to make some measures

          2017 eDrawings Help - Measuring Requirements

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            Dan Golthing

            Ha ha!  "NO SOUP FOR YOU!!"

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              Jeff Holliday

              Measure does work from edrawings std but only if the edrawing file had been created using edrawings pro with the "enable measure" tool selected.

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                  Bruno Marchevsky


                  Thank you very much for your responses.
                  It still makes no sens to me that the manufacturer quotes a function as available when the function really doesn't function...

                  That table sure misled me.


                  Ruben is right -- I got the 15-day trial license that enables pro functions and sure enough the measure menu came up.


                  Jeff: You may be right too, but I wouldn't know it.

                  We are electronics designers and need to start providing 3D models with our designs.

                  The electronics CAD system can output step files for the PCBs, but we want one mechanical engineer to take these and put together models of the entire system, consisting of various PCBs with connectors, mechanical parts, etc.

                  The idea was to buy one seat of SolidWorks and have several eDrawing readers so that the electrical and system engineers could verify that the models are right, suggest changes, etc.
                  Looking and measuring is pretty much the only thing that we need to do at the viewer side, and we need several viewers.


                  With eDrawings requiring licenses to measure then the SolidWorks + eDrawings route doesn't work anymore.

                  Maybe Autocad or something else. More research to be done.


                  Thank you all very much!



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                      Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

                      Hey pal stay cool....if you make a exe file and enable measurements each people who can open it can do extra measurements...read some extra information about it... EDrawing works fine if you encrip on one exe file

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                          Bruno Marchevsky

                          Cool indeed.

                          It is just that we get PCB designs from multiple sources, and would need to check and feedback the PCB designers.
                          They generate their models with Mentor Graphics or Cadence ECAD packages. There is no way for them to generate anything other than STEP files.
                          Often they send models with wrong PCB thickness, bad height on parts, etc.
                          This is why measuring is really the only function that matters at this stage.If the electronic engineers cannot readily look at these step files and feedback, then the operation becomes quite cumbersome.
                          The mechanical eng will be at another location, possibly in another country on another time zone.
                          The flow from ECAD to verification cannot include the mechanical eng (who will have the only full license) or response times will suffer.


                          It all gets compounded by engineers who work some times more than 50% of the time from home, who may need to look at (and measure) models either at the office, at home or on the go.I wish it was simpler.


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                        Francis Delahanty

                        This doesn't work for me. I have eDrawings Pro, the enable measure feature is selected, but the measure button of the eDrawing is still grayed out ...even in my eDrawings Pro!