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PDM Standard - How best to move assembly from one folder to another

Question asked by John Wayman on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by David Oustifine

We are pretty new to the world of Solidworks PDM Standard, so we are still establishing our ways of working and best practices.

Currently, there is a folder in the vault called 'Work In Progress' and each engineer has a folder under that folder, named with his own name. So, mine is Work In Progress/John Wayman.

Within his own WIP folder, each engineer does his development work, calling his SW objects whatever name he thinks appropriate: widget 1, bracket, bent, green, glass window 320 x 255, for example.

When the top level assembly for the project is settled, he renames the bits and pieces with the appropriate part numbers, renames the assembly to the correct name and checks everything in. One of his peers checks everything and releases the SW objects.

Now we need to move the released assembly and all its sub-assemblies, parts, drawings, cut lists, and sundry referenced items into the correct project folder, leaving the dross behind.

In PDM Professional, I hear there is a 'Move Tree' option that enables the engineer to do exactly what I have explained.

Sadly, in PDM Standard, there is no such option.

How should I achieve this move?

Should my working practices be modified to facilitate the eventual move somehow?

How is everyone else achieving this approximate workflow?


SW 2017 SP5,

SW PDM Standard 2018, SP2

Windows 10 Pro