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    remote displacement force

    Stephen Dellis

      Hi all,


      I've been asked to find the force for a chassis is Nm/deg. I've setup a static simulation with one end fixed and the other under a remote displacement of 1 deg. Am I right in thinking that once the simulation is run, I go RESULTS>LIST RESULTANT FORCE... and choose reaction force under options and just update it? It gives the force and moments both in


      Ironically its within 70Nm of what I was asked to design.





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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Stephen,

          Depending on how you defined the prescribed 1 degree angular displacement it may be difficult to translate that force directly into a torque/moment to make Nm/deg.  If the prescribed displacement is applied to a vertex then it is trivial math (radius X force) to get your moment.  If it is a face or edge then you may want to specifically use the "List Resultant Force" command to measure the "Free Body Force" moment on your fixture face instead.