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Which Version of SNL Server for 2009 SP0.0?

Question asked by Nathan Fagan on Feb 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2009 by Tapani Sjoman

I'm trying to install 2009 onto a cluster of 30 machines but none of the mahcines will start Solidworks, they all give the error:

Could Not obtain a license file for Solidworks Standard

License Server does not support this version of the feature.

The SNL Server needs updating, please contact your network administrator.

Followed by a link to upgrade details.

The problem I have is this, I installed this version of SNL Server from the 2009 DVD. It recognises the License file and even shows as having 30 valid licenses.

I am aware I need SNL Server 2009 to run SW 2009, this is why I've reinstalled it.

Version no is: 17/0.0 (

Running on XP Pro 32 bit.

What am I doing wrong?