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Flow Simulation Eng. Database move from SW2015 to SW2017

Question asked by Thomas Tessnow on Apr 27, 2018

Hello all,

When moving from an old (2015) to a newer version (2017) of SW and Flow Simulation, the old projects will open, but will not recognized the materials in the new database. I had saved the old materials and imported them into the new database. SW will ask if the materials from the project should be added to the database. After agreeing to add, I find the imported materials in a subfolder under the User Defined Solids. SW creates a subfolder for each configuration even if all configurations use the same materials. I have now lots of subfolders with duplicate material entries. Short of going into every project and into every configuration to map each material to the material entry under the User Defined Solids main folder, does anyone know how to avoid the creating of all these subfolders and importing the materials from the old database in a way that they are recognized by the old projects ?

Thank you