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Need a macro to convert dimensions (units) in all drawings in a folder...

Question asked by Don Carter on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by Jason Martin

I need a macro that will convert the Dimensions Units of all drawings in a folder from decimal inches to fractions rounded to 64ths.

Document Properties > Units > Basic Units > Length


I have been searching, but haven't found one that meets all these requirements.


Replacing the Sheet Format does not do this.  Replacing / reloading the Drafting Standard does not do this.

I need something that will replace the Drawing Template. There are many discussions where there is a lot of confusion regarding template vs. format.


I must confess that I have no ability to write macros, so I am totally dependent on getting a self-contained file.


I have nearly 300 drawings to do (this time).


SWx2017 SP 4.1, Windows 7 and 10





I edited my original post to add the underlined text.


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