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Nonlinear analysis failure

Question asked by Flora Xanthaki on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Janko Stellaard

I am trying to simulate the displacement results for axial compression test on a rubber cylindrical sample, using stress - strain data, in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. A dialog box appeared to explain that 'Solution failure in a Step>1, it could be due to:
The solution may be at a buckling or limit point, i.e.,
displacements grow large under constant forces. If so,
for force control or contact problems, this is the end
of solution (check out the response graphs).
The solver numerical difficulties:
1. Reduce the Singularity-elimination-factor (.5 or 0.)'.

Do you know what does this suggestion for 'Singularity- elimination-factor reduction' means, concerning the solver numerical difficulties, and what I should do to solve it?


Thank you.