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    Can you convert to Autocad smoothly?

    Jonathan Foli

      Hello, I am curious as to how the conversion of dwg's in solidworks over to 2d autocad works? In the past with other programs I've used it hasn't been good, and had a lot of bugs. Is it pretty smooth with this now?

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          David Matula

          cad works?

          can open a solidworks file.


          if not that then save the SolidWorks file out as and igs file and the cadworks should be able to open that.

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            Christopher Culver

            It seems to work ok for me. The fonts change and they appear slightly different. I don't use AutoCAD but a co-worker does and he is able to open and measure etc all of the .DWG files I send him and doesn't complain. I take that as a good sign.

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              Robert Conklin


              I save as AutoCAD all the time.

              One my customers require deliverables in AutoCad

              Two the vendors who make my parts use AutoCAD


              I have created a "Map File"

              That when using it

              it will first create in the new AutoCAD file layers that would represent All the Solidworks entities

              NOTE if you look at the attached file, it is a text file, you can see that the layers I have it create all are prefixed with "SW-"

              this is so I will know that any item on an AutoCAD File layer that starts with "SW-" is something that, most likely, came from Solidworks

              I/It will assign a color to that/those layers

              Then it will "MAP" the SW entities that I want to my layer of choice (one of the layers I/it created in the first step)

              (This mapping is done when setting up the map file and can be edited later if desired)

              You may have to tell SW where you put the "Map File" (ie.. Settings "File Locations")


              Couple of things to set:

              Enable and choose a "MAP" file

              (mine is "ACADMap 04-21-16" and is attached)

              Enable "Scale output 1:1"

              (This is sort of important when sending say a sheet metal part as a DWG to a vendor to be made

              For, in the past, I have got back a part that was 1/4 the size it should have been, I having not checked the box,

              for the vendor just took the DWG file and fed it to his lazer machine)


              Checking it also it makes the AutoCAD dimensions NOT be scaled Thus one can measure 1:1 in the AutoCad file


              I all ways save as an AutoCAD R2000-2002 so my supplier/vendor can open it in his old version of AutoCAD


              The only time I need Splines as opposed to Polylines is when I send a DWG to my EDM man to cut a gear.

              (and I want a TRUE involute tooth form)


              The only other draw back is the "Font File" if you open a saved DWG on the machine where you have the Solidworks you saved it from opening the DWG in AutoCAD will show you the special symbols used in Solidworks.

              That is because the file it looks to is on your machine!  BUT if you do not send that font file with the DWG and even if you did send it the receiver would not know what to do with it,  the symbols will not show or if they do will not show the right way.


              To get around the font problem --- I have modified the "calloutformat.txt" file to NOT use symbols and use text like "C'BORE" etc...


              All in All I get VERY good results,  Even the Tile Block comes thru in AutoCAD all anointed.


              A screen Shot:


              Another important point about SCALE:

              set your SW drawings sheet properties here:


              And always for the main view in your drawing set it to:   "USE SHEET SCALE"

              Doing this ensures that the AutoCAD export at 1:1 will be what you want and

              will be consistent across all your AutoCAD DWG files.

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                Neville Williams

                A couple of things I would add to Robert Conklin 's excellent reply



                If you have different scales on sheet Solidworks will pick the first (I think) created view as the 1:1 scale and any other views of different scale will be scaled up or down from that.

                You will get a couple of warnings

                If you have 3 views at 1:10 and one of these was created first & 1 other at 1:2,

                the 3 at 1:10 will come in at 1:1 and other at will get scaled up or down depending on view scale (in this case 5x that dimensionally)