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    can't check in the vault

    Jake Bakerin

      I login in as admin but can't check file into the Vault

      Here is the error message

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          Martin Solem

          Hi Jake,


          I'm a little puzzled by the "not added" part, are the files not added to the vault, giving them status "Local file"?

          If so, you can right click on them and "add to file vault". Then you should be able to check them in.

          There are a number of possible reasons as to why a file will not be added, but mostly i observe this when you "bulk" save, for instance open a step file and save 200 parts into PDM at once, it has a tendency to fail to add all files. I also observe Local files when adding unfamiliar file types.



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              Jake Bakerin

              I tried both with no luck.

              By the way, I login as admin, what permission I need to check?

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                  Martin Solem

                  I think you're gonna have to tell us more, perhaps with some screen shots to explain.


                  For admin user, check:

                  • Folder permissions for vault root, and for the folder you are working in. Admin user should have everything checked.
                  • State permissions. All permissions in Initial state of the workflow you have set up to receive these files. I usually set Admin up with all permissions in all states in all workflows. (default)
                  • Groups memberships. Admin user should not be member of any groups.


                  There is a difference when saving/pasting files into PDM, whether they end up as "Local" or "Private".

                  A "Local" file is not yet recognized and added by the vault. These files are "grey", and need to be added manually by right click and "Add to file vault". This is folder permissions.

                  A "Private" file is recognized and added by the vault, but hasn't been checked in yet. This is state permissions.


                  I may be mistaken, but this is happening only for some files, right?

                  And are there any similarites between the files that are not added,  like are they all PDF's, or all in the same folder? Or does it seem kind of random; some files are added and checked in, and some are not, but they are all of the same file types?

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                Richard Bremmer

                Try selecting the grey files and not folders, rmb add files.