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    Data Migration of LARGE Assembly

    Robert Lamer



      I have searched for this and cannot find anything. I recently added a PDM Vault to SW 2018. The project is a huge concrete shredding machine that literally has thousands and thousands of parts.


      The problem is that the engineer before me didn't really understand how to save files in a structured manner. So, there are hundreds of overlapping numbers and the files are literally saved in 10's of locations. There are doubles of almost everything and I have no idea where to start, there are also tons of file trees due to changing large assembly names multiple times. Do I need to go through every file and delete doubles?


      Also, the main Assembly is being worked on right now with changes being made daily. Example: GA was the original main Assembly file. There is now GA-1, GA- 4-26-18, GA 1-15-18, etc. That goes on and on for multiple sub-assemblies, as well as individual detail parts. It is even difficult to change things because I never know what files are used where. I can't get them into PDM to sort them because when I transfer everything piles of parts and sub-assemblies disappear.


      I can't pack n go the main assembly either because I'm getting an error "Document Manager library is invalid". So, I checked programfiles\common\sw****mgr.dll and it is named correctly.


      Also, it's getting very hard to make changes because there is no up to date model, different models of the main assembly are saved 100 different ways and I have to have the GA open to make changes on most sub assemblies because old file references seem to keep popping up and changing any work I do if the GA isn't open for reference. Drawings also change seemingly at random, and parts disappear at random????


      How do I do this without losing everything? ANY help will be appreciated. Also let me know if anyone needs more information to answer my questions.

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          Martien Mourits

          Hi Robert,


          I'd like to get my hands dirty on this one . But before I start writing a complete migration tutorial, is the assembly with all of its clutter already in PDM? Is it a migration outside > inside PDM or PDM Vault 1 > PDM Vault 2 (or...)?


          Is this still a work in progress or a released / built project? If so, are there any other documents (instructions, ERP / BOM lists) to give you some more info?


          Besides that, you can fix that P&G error message by renaming the swdocumentmgr.dll file in the location you mentioned and repair the SW installation (for details search the Knowledge Base article S-01415).


          Getting a single point of truth will give the best odds of getting a positive result on this migration. You have some options to do this efficiently though, dependent on the question I asked earlier.

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              Robert Lamer



              At this point all of the files are inside a PDM Vault on a single computer. Down the road there will be a shared Vault on two seats. It's 2018 Professional SolidWorks with the standard PDM. At this point I do work on both computers depending on whether I'm the only Engineer working or if there's me and one other Engineer. At this point I transfer everything back and forth with a USB.


              It's basically all released but there are still a few misc. parts being worked on. There aren't really any BOM or ERP as it is a small company (Owner, Owner Son, Engineer 1, and myself). The way it was done before me was to just add BOM's manually on every drawing released. I plan to set this up better as I go but I don't really know how to best set settings for this.


              I will change the swdocumentmgr.dll on the main computer but I have a feeling that the installation is set up wrong as there have been many problems with parts randomly disappearing, models reverting to old saves, etc.


              I have as best as I can figure an up to date GA model but I have to go over the machine when I get spare time to mark anything that's changed from previous versions of things. A lot of times stuff was modified in the shop without changing anything on the model or drawings.


              The most help I need is cleaning up the files. I have been doing the best I can as I go, and what I do seems to update relatively well. It's when I go back and delete what I think are old files and things start disappearing on the GA and SUB ASSY's. It seems impossible to follow the file structure for what are literally thousands and thousands of parts, drawings, etc. Do I have to literally just start deleting things and checking all the models to make sure nothing disappears? I've been trying to use explorer to gauge what files are relevant but there are soo many. If  you'd like I can take screen shots of what I'm working with to see if that gives a better understanding. Just let me know what to post.


              Also getting settings configured on PDM is a nightmare at this point as all the new drawings I've done I applied filling out the data cards and info as best I can, but for old files do I have to go through all of it bit by bit and fill information out or should I get the files totally cleaned up first and then configure the PDM settings? I hope this is all making sense. Please let me know, any information is greatly appreciated.




              My name is Jake by the way, the account is under the Owners name.

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                  Steve Ostrovsky

                  If you have the files all in the PDM vault and you're unsure of what's used where, there are two great tabs that you need to familiarize yourself with - Contains and Where Used.


                  Contains will list out all of the references for an assembly or drawing and where they are located, version info, etc.

                  Where Used will show you what assemblies and drawings a part is used in - great to know BEFORE you delete it 


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                      Robert Lamer

                      General Assembly File.JPG


                      This is the problem I keep running into.

                      This happens on most of the files I've transferred to the Vault. Like I said anything new I create shows the file tree but the old Assy's and Sub Assy's typically come up with this. OR they are saved on 5 different UP TO DATE Assy's and when I delete an old file it screws up newer Assy's.

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                          Steve Ostrovsky

                          You haven't checked anything in yet - hence the PDM system hasn't created the reference paths in the database (which is how it displays them in the Contains tab). Problem is, your references are probably all over the place. You'll need to use the Update References tool first and then check your assemblies in. I'll still recommend that you contact your VAR for some simple training and guidance. I'm sure it would speed up this process for you.

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                    Steve Ostrovsky

                    Do you want to clean your data before or after you put it in your PDM vault? That will really drive how you approach this. I've run into this before on smaller scales and most users are willing to put the data into their PDM vault and fix as they go. This keeps production moving forward since this is a moving target.


                    With that said, we have tools to diagnose and report out all of the files in the folder structure so you know what you're working with.


                    We also have tools to migrate the data into your vault where you can then at least have Where Used and Contains lists either in the vault interface of through reports. You can then also start to rename, move and delete unneeded data.


                    I would strongly advise that you get your VAR involved and pay them to help you. You'll save tons of internal resources fighting this model and get it to a somewhat stable point in the PDM vault. Then you can start locking it down so people don't screw with it any more

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                        Robert Lamer



                        I've actually transferred everything into the PDM vault at this point. Basically I'd like to clean up the data as I go.


                        The problem I'm running into when using the Where Used and Contains lists is that nothing shows up when I highlight the GA or most Sub Assembly's. It works on new Assembly's or Detail parts that I create, but everything I transferred seems to come up short on references, so I have no point of reference.


                        The project is still in motion and it'll probably be a few months before I can actually sit down and take time to clean everything up so for now I'm just trying add new parts and assembly's without anything disappearing or giving me mate error's, etc. I've been trying to figure out a way to view the file tree's such as explorer, but it's impossible to tell all the way down the line from GA because things branch off in so many directions.


                        I can best explain like this: Say I find SUB-30100 and SUB-30100 - 1. In this case the most up to date parts might be saved on both files. So if I delete old files from SUB-30100 it will screw up entire Detail and Sub Assembly's on SUB-30100 - 1 and visa versa. I know this is extraordinarily complicated, but I need to figure out solutions. If you need screen shots with explanations or more information please let me know. Any insight is greatly appreciated. (Also these problems are very difficult to explain so if you need me to try to articulate information better please let me know, I ramble sometimes).