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Data Migration of LARGE Assembly

Question asked by Robert Lamer on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Steve Ostrovsky



I have searched for this and cannot find anything. I recently added a PDM Vault to SW 2018. The project is a huge concrete shredding machine that literally has thousands and thousands of parts.


The problem is that the engineer before me didn't really understand how to save files in a structured manner. So, there are hundreds of overlapping numbers and the files are literally saved in 10's of locations. There are doubles of almost everything and I have no idea where to start, there are also tons of file trees due to changing large assembly names multiple times. Do I need to go through every file and delete doubles?


Also, the main Assembly is being worked on right now with changes being made daily. Example: GA was the original main Assembly file. There is now GA-1, GA- 4-26-18, GA 1-15-18, etc. That goes on and on for multiple sub-assemblies, as well as individual detail parts. It is even difficult to change things because I never know what files are used where. I can't get them into PDM to sort them because when I transfer everything piles of parts and sub-assemblies disappear.


I can't pack n go the main assembly either because I'm getting an error "Document Manager library is invalid". So, I checked programfiles\common\sw****mgr.dll and it is named correctly.


Also, it's getting very hard to make changes because there is no up to date model, different models of the main assembly are saved 100 different ways and I have to have the GA open to make changes on most sub assemblies because old file references seem to keep popping up and changing any work I do if the GA isn't open for reference. Drawings also change seemingly at random, and parts disappear at random????


How do I do this without losing everything? ANY help will be appreciated. Also let me know if anyone needs more information to answer my questions.