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    data card vs custom properties tab builder

    Jake Bakerin

      The data card can be used for custom properties editor

      For those who run SW with PDM: are you still using tab builder to edit the custom properties or datacard instead?

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          John Layne

          No the property tab builder is redundant, if you have your data cards setup.

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            Martin Solem



            You can use both, i sometimes find properties tab easier to use, and while a data card can have many variables, the properties tab can focus on the ones that are important for the engineer to fill out.


            However, and this can be confusing if you are not aware: If your data card variable is using some kind of PDM functionality, like "Updates all configurations" or an input formula, these are PDM and data card specific functionalities, and will not work when updating from custom properties or properties tab.


            Also, as a side note, be aware that even if a custom property is Read only in the data card, as long as the file is checked out it's just another custom property that can and will be changed from custom properties or property tab.