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understanding configs and views on drawing

Question asked by Jay Maechtlen on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by Jay Maechtlen

Sorry, can't think of better title!


I'm creating a series of exploded views of a large assembly, with BOM, for a service manual.

I've been given an assembly which contains the actual product assembly and its model/parts.  The 'real thing' is read-only to me, only all my exploded views and such are in this containing assembly.

I am using configurations to contain different views and visibilities of the project - each configuration may show a major subassembly with various exploded views and possibly derived configurations, etc.

This seems to mostly work pretty well, but to the first specific question:

If I want to put more than one view on a drawing sheet, those may be to different 'configurations', even though they all go back to the same model and its config.

I find that the balloons may not link to the geometry/part that they 'should'.

As a clue, I can see that some of these have the dashed line close to the visible part of the assembly, and some are much larger.

(don't know the term for that, but each placed view.)

So, any pointers as to keep these straight? And what determines the size that the placed view occupies?