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I have a strange anomaly I can't quite figure out.

Question asked by Christopher Culver on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Tom Gagnon

This was an imported .prt file that was run through the feature recognition software. I examined all of the features and sketches and all seemed to be ok, I left them as imported with only the base being defined. The bolt circle seems to be created correctly and has it's centerpoint at (0,0), the centerbore cut sketch seems to be at (0,0), but when I convert them to sketches all of a sudden they are out of concentric by about .002".


I have looked at this way too long, and really it's not important as far as it being corrected, but am now determined to figure out what's going on and would appreciate some of your expert eyes and analysis to explain what I'm seeing, and if maybe I'm doing something wrong with the convert sketch command or if something is being jumbled up in translation?


Thank you very kindly in advance!