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Automatically set bend radius based on material thickness and bend angle?

Question asked by Sam Visger on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by Ryan Robinson

Hi guys,


Been using this forum for years to answer questions and finally have one I couldn't find an answer to.  Here's what I am dealing with:


We are air bending steel on a press brake to form parts between 12 ga (.1046") and 1/4" thick.  When modeling parts we use a different inside bend radius depending on the angle of the bend and the material thickness to match the results we have observed in testing our tooling.  For example, a 10 degree bend in 12ga material has an inside radius of 1" while a 90 degree bend in the same material has an inside radius of .125".  We currently have a spreadsheet to manually find these values as we model the parts but would save time and errors by having Solidworks set the radius automatically based on material thickness and bend angle.


I have played with gauge tables but they give me the option of all bend radii in the table when modeling regardless of what the bend angle is.  Is there a way to make Solidworks ignore certain radii in the gauge table depending on the bend angle chosen?


Using Solidworks Prof. 2018 SP 0.1 if that matters.  Thanks in advance!