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Licence Manager TCP Communication Speed

Question asked by Alex Tennant on Apr 26, 2018

We have two offices connected by VPN, The solidworks licence manager (Version: works fine on the local network where the server is hosted but is slow to the point that it is unusable on the remote network.


Wireshark logs show that the TCP communication always breaks down on the same part of the interaction:

Bad Transaction:


Good Transaction:


This message seems to contain basic information about the Client (user name, PC Name, x64)


I suspect this is due to an error on the Flexlm Licence Server, this is consistent between multiple clients.


Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated



I have tested incresing the Client latency FLEXLM_TIMEOUT, this did not work.

Ping between the networks is about 60 ms

There are a lot of VPN issues reported for versions around SW2010, this is not the same issue


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