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Vault View is Cached, so does the vault start accumulating erroneous files

Question asked by Andrew Provost on Apr 25, 2018

I am having issues understanding the Vault View being a cached directory.  So if I develop in a directory, all my work is duplicated in the vault.  Won't the vault just fill up with erroneous files during development?  In Workgoup PDM, we would check in only new files or revisions.  Check out was to a local directory that was free to modify and then when ready, delete the unused and check in or bump revisions back into the vault.  The vault only contained released files.  Users were never allow to delete files.


Do I now need to let users the ability to delete files in Standard PDM?  Is that removing a level of safety?  Or is that what the Destroy feature is now the back up for not allowing users to truly delete something?


Most how to videos never address all these extra files being created and how to manage them, other than they are created.  Am I stressing over nothing? I just do not see the day to day usage of the Standard PDM vault explained.