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Flow simulation around guide vanes in centrifugal pump as turbine (Francis Turbine)

Question asked by Brian O. Dughaill on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Jon Dahlgren

Hi all


This is for my thesis so would appreciate all the help I can get.


I'm trying to assess the impact that various types of guide vanes have on the internal flow of what is essentially a Francis turbine. I have the flow entering and exiting the turbine and behaving as expected

The problem is that, when looking at the flow trajectories, the fluid seems to be going straight through the guide vanes as if they were not a solid body but instead just there in the visual sense. The paths should be going around and this is essential for verifying which guide vane is the best suited.


Pictures (one with the guide vanes, one without) have been included to show what I mean, they both have flow behaviour as if the vanes weren't there.