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trim surface, trim tool does not intersect issue

Question asked by Shawn Murphy on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Shawn Murphy

I'm having problems trimming this surface.  It says the trim tool does not intersecting.  I tried it with 3-D sketch created by using the "Face Curve" command.  So I know the sketch resides on the surface.  I also extruded the sketch line into a surface. So I know in fact it intersects.  I'm trying to trim out the sharper point of the concave curve.  I'm trying to blend that intersection. I'm having problems using the "Shell" command when I have a formed solid.  I'm also having problems using the "Thicken" command when it's a surface body.  I suspect it's due to some of the radii, in tight corners.  Which is why I'm trying to create blends.


I'm working on modeling my stapler to practice for my CSWP-S Surfacing test.  If no one on the forum has an answer, I'll ask my VAR.  As I see a lot of similar questions on the forum.