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    Inspection Dimension Sometimes Circles First Line Only

    Mason Morton

      I've searched and found that some have asked a similar question before but none have a good answer. I have some holes that need to be inspection dimensions. On some of the holes, the first and second line get circled and on others, just the first line gets circled. I can't find what the difference is! I need for both lines to be circled.


      In both cases, the hole is created in the part by using an extruded cut (not a hole feature).


      Inspection Both Lines.JPG

      Inspection First Line Only.JPG


      Also I noticed when you select the dimensions that have just a single line circled, a button to open this dimension formatting window pops up, whereas it doesn't on the dimensions that have both lines circled. Not sure what that's all about.


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          Kevin Chandler



          The first item, a 2-line inspection dim looks like a hole callout, which apparently SW doesn't treat the same as a dim in this respect.

          Also, the popup dim options panel doesn't exist for hole callouts to my knowledge so you have to use the property manager for the equivalent changes found on the popup.


          I'm on SW2018 and it looks like SW only treats the central line as an inspectable (if that's a word) portion of the dim.






          EDIT: And changes made anywhere within the Dimension Text of a hole callout will be within the inspection frame. Not so w/dims.

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              Mason Morton

              Thanks, Kevin. Yeah, I tried both a hole callout and a normal dimension and thought I'd found the answer, but it seems like if you use the hole callout tool to dimension certain features, it converts to a standard dimension.


              Upon further researching, the hole callout tool seems to only work on one side of a thru hole. For example, both of these dimensions (both created with hole callout tool) are on the same thru hole, but one is on the top view and the other is on the bottom view. One seems to remain a hole callout and the other seems to be a normal dimension. I don't understand why that should matter, but maybe it's something to do with manufacturing intent - a hole is created from a specific direction in the real world.

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              Kevin Chandler

              Hello Mr. Morton,


              Another thought is to use an inspection note with dimension/callout links.

              1. Create a new layer and change the color so the entities on it will stand out, like red, with an appropriate layer name
              2. Move the original dims/callouts to this layer
              3. Create a new note and add an inspection border to it (last border option)
              4. Click each dim and callout to add it to the note
              5. You can't add a new line to the note, so add all annotations to the dim or callout
              6. You can't add punctuation to the note either, so add anything to the appropriate dim/callout
                1. This why, the above/below lines are under their respective dim
              7. If you add a line below one dim, you'll need to add a blank line (with a single space) below others to maintain alignment
                1. This is why the lower left red callout is above its leader shoulder
              8. Once you're satisfied with the note, turn off the red layer to hide the originating dims
              9. Turn the layer back on to do any edits
              10. On or off, always keep the non-printing setting as non-printing so at least the extra entities won't be printed by mistake



              Does this solve your post?