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ok dear nice to meet u

Question asked by Kasem Joni on Apr 25, 2018

so plz  , i ve a problem

i ve bought a cnc router machine , with 3 spindle that have one spindle in the middle , rotate only 90, 0, and -90 degree.

so we can do all files in x y  plane in hsmworks or visualart or visualcam ,

but we want to do right job like door locks so will rotate the spindle 90 degree , and i did it in visualcam these kind of files , but the essentiel problem is into the post processor that we need to make calculation of gagelength(the distance betwween spindle rotation and tool lenght) to add this distaNCE by consideration in z level ( in the G code)

plz help us  , any video any u tube link with post processor explain

best regard