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    It's been a fun day using Design Tables to mutate my model

    Rob Edwards

      Hi all


      I wanted to model some parts, that looked like they'd been crudely handmade.  I've done a little bit of this before, but with a new project it's nice to rethink things.



      First I modelled half of the tip, using conics and the following dimension scheme

      I then made a DT and created formulas to vary all of the default dimensions +/- by a set percentage (here 6%)

      In this case I made derived configs, which allowed me to have two variations that shared the same height.

      These halve's were then inserted into another part and combined so

      I modelled this part at 100mm high, the idea being to facilitate using a scale feature to bring it down to whatever size I require.

      I used some split lines to mark the hole positions for later


      Now this is the bit that I like the most and the main reason I wanted to share.

      Using a blanket percentage variation, isn't ideal so I thought about using tolerances and was happy to discover that they are available in a DT

      2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Tolerances in Configurations


      So for this simple part I gave it a go

      It worked out easier than I thought


      In my model I just randomised the configs for each inserted part



      Hope you like my 'wonky' creations, a word of warning each time you open the DT the values get recalculated and you get a whole new set of mutant children

      All the best