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Airplane wing sketch refuses to create Lofted-Bend or Base Flange

Question asked by Jason Martin on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Jason Martin

I have created the profile of the airfoil with 3 different splines, but I continue to see a pop up box every time that says The Sketch contains an entity with unsuitable geometry for the Base flange option. And, for the Lofted bend, I get this error:

(FYI, this is not the actual profile of the airfoil, it is only a mock up to get a good procedure on how to get this procedure done correctly with no problems.)


I have used the Fit Spline feature to make sure I have no sharp edges anywhere and everything is tangent. I'm completely baffled on how to proceed.

One of my questions is, does the sheet metal commands not accept an open spline? If I close the spline, it will appear as one solid piece whatever the thickness is specified.

I seem to have no problem doing a simple thin extrude feature. That comes out perfectly fine. I am really looking to use the flat panel part so I can send this to a laser machine

I seem to be missing something here...


Any help would be appreciated.